Pole Dance - Chair Dance - Floor Work - Flexibility
 PLUS Full Dance Fitness Routines
Make fitness fun again with our amazing Online Alternative Fitness programs!
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But is Alternative Fitness really for, you know...me?
The answer is, YES!
A Workout that works!
Gain strength, stamina and flexability while having tons of fun! No experience is nessesary for Level 1 and we are commited to meeting you where you are at on YOUR fitness journey.
We believe in Love.
Improve your self confidence with expert attention, all while in a supportive, body positive environment. We belive in fitness for everyBODY and that laughter is the ultimate motivator. 
It's time.
To stop wishing and start doing! Say goodbye to boring gym routines and start having fun with your workouts again!  All persons are welcomed to join us in changing the way you feel inside and out.

Level Up Your Life with Alternative Fitness
These days it's hard to find time to get to the gym, and yet we all want a fun inspiring way to work out. Alternative Fitness is the single most effective way to integrate fitness into your busy lifestyle! 

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What Are You Waiting For?
Join the hottest trends in fitness today, taught by real down to earth instructors who are just like you! No experieance nessesary and we welcome everyBODY! 

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